Chapter 2: First Phase of My Natural Hair Journey: 

My hair was growing like weeds with my simple hair regimen. My simple hair regimen included water, coconut oil, and a hair moisturizer. I used the LOC method to grow my hair. LOC stands for liquid, oil, and cream, this combination will keep your hair strands moist while ensuring that you retain hair length.  Every week I would apply… Continue reading Chapter 2: First Phase of My Natural Hair Journey: 

Chapter 1: Deciding to go Natural

Growing up my mother always relaxed my hair so it can be more manageable, so I didn’t know how my natural hair texture would look. Although my hair was chemically altered it was still long and thick, but it had the potential to be healthier. Natural hair is so hard to manage, especially when it’s thick, long, and curly.   At the age of 12,… Continue reading Chapter 1: Deciding to go Natural

Blog #1

This week, I worked on developing a logo, background, and the about section. The background was simple and enjoyable. The logo was difficult to troubleshoot because most websites demanded a fee and choosing a logo was challenging. The first step was to log into WordPress. The second step was to update my post. Step 3:… Continue reading Blog #1