Chapter 1: Deciding to go Natural

Growing up my mother always relaxed my hair so it can be more manageable, so I didn’t know how my natural hair texture would look. Although my hair was chemically altered it was still long and thick, but it had the potential to be healthier. Natural hair is so hard to manage, especially when it’s thick, long, and curly.  

At the age of 12, my hair was no longer long and thick, it started to get short and thin due to overprocessing my hair and not properly taking care of my hair. I would constantly flat iron and relax my hair resulting in damaged unhealthy hair strands.  I realized that my hair wasn’t growing, so I stopped overprocessing my hair. I started to wear braids and protective styles. My hair still didn’t grow as much because of the years of damage. 

I was desperate for my hair to grow, so I started to educate myself about natural hair care. I realized that I needed a fresh start in order for my hair to grow. There were two routes I could take, which were transitioning or the big chop. The transitioning process is when you’re not ready to cut all your relaxed ends. So you let your hair grow out and then you cut the damaged ends on a scheduled basis. The big chop is cutting off all your hair. I started transitioning at first because I didn’t want to be bald. My hair became so unmanageable and tangled so I to did the big chop. July 2016 is the day I decided to go completely natural, there was no turning back when I cut off my hair, I was left with a tiny little afro.  


  1. I loved reading this post it was very well structured and feels like you’re telling a story. Can’t wait for the rest of your blogs!

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